Adorable, yet Functional, I’d Say

25 Jul

The idea of moving back into the dorms in a few weeks at the University of Richmond and living there for year number two makes my skin crawl.  After returning from studying at NUI Galway for a month and living in a spacious single within an apartment (kitchen included!) at Gort na Coiribe, how could I want to return to a 20×20 space AND share it with someone (although I do love my future roomie Lo)?

One part of my room last year, which was always a mess (and surely, this wasn’t the only part), was my dirty clothes area.  This T-shirt style laundry bag however is an adorable idea and will help me pre-sort my whites from colors as well as keep articles of clothing from being strewn across the floor (I hope!).

I saw this idea when I was browsing design for mankind’s blog and found this post. However, rather than shell out 16 pounds (not including shipping), I figured it’d be easy enough to make:

  • 1 extra large, thick white tee
  • a sturdy metal hanger
  • stencils
  • permanent black marker
  • piece of cardboard
  • shoestring
  • scissors
  • thick thread
  • needle
  1. Simply sew the bottom and sleeves shut.
  2. Make a small, vertical cut in the front along the neckline-collar.
  3. Feed the shoestring through the hole on either side of the neckline-collar until it comes out the other side.
  4. Place cardboard inside to separate front and back of tee.  Stencil and fill in the “whites” on to the front of tee.
  5. Place on hanger!

Using the steps above, you can do the same for colors using a color tee of your favorite shade! And when ready to do the laundry, simply take your newly made bag off the hanger and close it up with the drawstring!



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