6 Aug

Ban-the-Tan was started by two daughters of a dermatologist at Upper Dublin High School.  Their aim is to act as spokespeople to provide information about safe-sun practice and the harmful effects on baking away in the summer rays.

I am an avid fan of the “Pale is the New Tan” movement, seeing as I am naturally quite fair and freckle easily.  I spent three years of high school baking away in tanning beds to have the perfect tan for all of my dances and looking back the photos, I look quite strange.  My skin is supposed to be pale, so with baked skin, I look unnatural.  I also know it was horrible for my skin and I probably will have pre-mature wrinkles because of those three years.

I hope that campaigns such as Ban-the-Tan will help teens, and even young adults, understand the long-term effects laying out in the sun for hours can cause.  Pale skin was always seen as beautiful for centuries, so why now is bronzed beautiful?  I say we embrace sunscreen and our natural skin-tone.

To find out more information about Ban-the-Tan, click here or check out their Facebook group.



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