Not Your Ordinary Movie Theatre Popcorn

7 Aug

The Pittsburgh Popcorn Company

While I was in the Strip District in Pittsburgh the other day, I popped into The Pittsburgh Popcorn Company for some popcorn.  Last Christmas time I had bought a bag of buffalo wing popcorn and loved it so I wanted to see what they were popping this time of the year.  I bought a small bag of Cajun for $3.50 (hey, it’s about the same price as a small popcorn at the movies, and much tastier!).  They also have other special flavors each week in addition to the classic flavors you’d expect to find.

Pittsburgh Popcorn Company - Thin Mint

thin mint

Pittsburgh Popcorn Company - Zesty Ranchzesty ranch

Pittsburgh Popcorn Company - Smores


Pittsburgh Popcorn Company - Spicy Bacon Cheddar

spicy bacon cheddar

Pittsburgh Popcorn Company - Ginger Coconut

ginger coconut

These are just some of the amazing flavors that they have.  Each week they feature four different flavors as well as their classic flavors.  In addition to their store in the Strip District, they have another store located downtown on Liberty.



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