Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market – A World of Wonder

17 Aug

Another adventure that my sisters and I took on was walking a few miles from the East Side to Hell’s Kitchen for the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market.  We would have taken the bus.. but apparently they only take coins, which we did not have enough of!  Thankfully it was a gorgeous day and not too hot out, so we enjoyed taking in the sights on our jaunt across town.

When we arrived, I felt like I had entered the mecca of all flea markets, especially having not been able to find a single one worthy of much of anyone’s time thus far in Pittsburgh (someone please point one out to me if it exists!).  The market was jam-packed with vendors for a whole New York block and there were ice cream vendors perusing around to sell refreshing treats during the sunny day.  There were vendors selling antique block letters, antique jewelry, vintage clothing, old bottles, ancient cameras, and even a lock box whose front is made of a lock box’s letter-combination lock from an old post-office.

I bought myself some pineapple sorbet to enjoy while I walked around and managed to find these great pieces of jewelry:

Ethnic Antique Cuff BraceletEthnic Antique Cuff BraceletA vintage ethnic cuff bracelet.

When I saw this cuff while rifling through a heap of bracelets, I immediately had to have it.  Can anyone help me place this bracelet in terms of time and type of design?

Dark Silver Four-Chain Braided Necklace

Vintage four-strand braided necklace.

Dark Silver Four-Chain Braided Necklace as Bracelet

Necklace worn as a bracelet.

I also bought a brown antique beer bottle made by a Pennsylvania company.  I will write more about this in a later post after decorating my dorm room (which I move back into this Wednesday) in Richmond.. as this bottle (and maybe others!) may be involved!

*To see more pictures from Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market, click here!



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  1. Jewellery Channel 13 December 2010 at 9 17 am #

    Unique and classic…

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