New York City – A Vintage Treasure Chest

17 Aug

I have not blogged for a couple of days. And for a good reason! I went to visit my twin sorority sister in Fairfield, Connecticut for a few days and saw more of my sorority family in New York City when we went to my Biggest’s for her housewarming party. This was my first time visiting The City after many years of pining to do so.  I experienced so many great new places, foods, and more while there.  I also experienced some awesome vintage shopping.

60s vintage men shirt

I bought this 60’s vintage men’s ethic-patterned loose top from Cheap Jack’s Vintage Clothing.  I saw it in the men’s section while browsing for oversized sweaters and fell in love.  I decided to belt it with a black braided-leather belt from my step brother’s old closet and black leggings.

Cheap Jack’s has two floors, one for each gender, filled with clothes from the Victorian era to the 80s.  It was like a warehouse full of vintage treasures!  I found so many pieces I loved, but despite their awesome sale at the time (40% off the pieces I purchased), I had to remain mindful of my budget.  If you ever find yourself in New York City and you are a fan of vintage, I highly recommend setting an hour or two aside to shuffle through their amazing collection.



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