14 Aug

I have taken a few last-minute things off my checklist, giving myself less of an excuse to procrastinate with packing.  Today I bought my Ring Dance dress.  I was completely surprised that the first one I tried out was the one I chose! I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

They finally had a pair of dark grey Minnetonka moccasins in my size (5 in Minnetonka’s) at Nordstrom, so I snagged those.  They will be super comfortable for trekking around Copenhagen.  In addition, I stopped at CVS and got my photos taken that I will need for my Danish resident permit and my Danish health care card.

Also, another highlight of my day was hearing from my visiting family! They live about 15 minutes outside of Copenhagen.  They have 4 kids.  One is my age, but is studying abroad in Brazil.  They also have a doggy! Her name is Mollie and she is a black labrador mix.  I am so excited because I will miss my puppy so much.

Lulle and Linda, my Danish parents

My Danish doggy, Mollie


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