The Art of Packing

18 Aug

My hair is cut (however, since when does 2 inches mean 6 inches, I do not know..), earring backs replaced, new Urbanears purchased, gift for my visiting family picked out, suitcases lugged up the stairs, and now the real challenge begins: fitting 4 months into 2 bags.  Sure, if there was no weight limit, I could easily do this.  I am the master at stuffing socks into boots and strategically rolling shirts into the tiniest of bundles.  Yet, with a 50 pound weight limit and already paying for a 2nd bag, there is no room for excess baggage.

Urbanears in Pistachio ❤

(far right pair)

I am half-packed at the moment.  This does not include my clothes, simply toiletries, rainboots, an umbrella, and scarves.  Most people would highly recommend bringing just enough toiletries with you to get you there and purchasing a new set once you arrive, but with a 25% sales tax in Copenhagen, I beg to differ.  I have a 4 month supply of my more expensive products and should I run out of conditioner, then I guess I will give in and buy that there. Yet somehow, I must manage to fit my clothes and shoes into the other suitcase.

I am taking the night off to enjoy the remaining relaxation from my pre-departure massage and grab a farewell dinner at my favorite restaurant in Pittsburgh, Seviche with my mom.  Then it is back to the never-ending puzzle of what fits where and which sweater goes with what boots.  I’ll be sure to post more before I leave on rather I have been successful and managed to keep my bags underweight on my first try.


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