Farvel Amerikas Forenede Stater, Hej København!

20 Aug

I ended up having my farewell dinner at Seviche last night instead of Thursday night.  My stomach was too muddled up due to nerves to eat Thursday night.  However, I am incredibly happy with this change, seeing as Batman 3 was filming in the alley way behind the restaurant!  They were using fake snow and I got a chance to see an awesome car that I assume will be in the movie.

Some sort of Batmobile

And packing finally commenced this morning with the placement of my toiletries in my suitcases and carry-on.  It was a stressful process, however I think I have figured out the secret for packing for a long trip: Make two piles; one for absolute necessities and one for “maybe, if I have room.”  The necessities will take up all of the room and the maybes will most likely be left behind, but your bags will make weight!  And if you are lucky and have a tiny bit of extra room, you can pick your favorite dress or shirt out of the maybe pile and bring it along.

My two VERY FULL suitcases

Carry-on with Meesy (the moose pillow pet from Aaron) included

Before leaving the house, I of course had to say farvel to my puppies.  Bambina was the hardest to say bye to because she was pissed that I was leaving again (she knows when we are leaving due to suitcases and she is used me leaving frequently).

Me and Bambi

When I got the airport, I was more nervous about my bags being under 50 pounds each than I was about flying across the Atlantic to a new country for 4 months.  However, after picking up my boots from the cobbler and placing one in each suitcase, they weighed out to be 50 pounds and 49.5 pounds. What luck!  I said goodbye to my Mom and now I am waiting in the terminal at my gate.  I met another girl going to DIS, but she is flying through Dulles and I am flying through Newark.  From Newark, I will fly to Oslo and THEN to Copenhagen.  I pray that my bags get there and I do not have a repeat of my Mediterranean cruise two years ago (they never made it to Venice, but traveled to Budapest and several other cities before finding us in Santorini on the 4th day of our trip)! 

My belongings for the next four months


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