First Impressions

25 Aug

I arrived in Copenhagen Sunday morning after flying through Oslo.  The day was gorgeous out- about 65 degrees and sunny! I wish it would stay this way the whole time I am here.. Anyhow, we took about an hour bus from the airport to my new home – Korallen Kollegium.  I met some pretty awesome people on the ride over and am finding that it is like freshman year all over again with so many new names to remember.  Once I arrived at my kollegium (pronounced something to the effect of ko-lee-kee-um), we headed over to get bikes for the semester.  I have not ridden a bike in quite some time, so it will definitely take some getting used to.  I have no idea how Danes ride all year round, rain, shine, heat, or cold.

Korallen Kollegium

Unpacking was an oddly comforting experience, settling in to my new home.  I had a few issue with my door that opens to the courtyard and a couple of bees that I had to kill, but all in all, living here is not all that bad.  When one showers, however, water gets ALL over the bathroom, even with a shower curtain.  Conveniently, we have been provided with a squiggie to mitigate the problem.

My room (my new Sony panorama camera makes it look a lot bigger than it is, but I am not complaining because I have a single to myself and it is about as big as my double room in Gray was the past year)

My bathroom

I don’t think I brought enough shoes

My kitchenette

My bed with the abstract and strange bedding they gave me

Later in the evening, I had my second meal in Denmark with our SRAs and others living in kollegiums in Roskilde (equivalent of an RA at home) (Burger King at the Copenhagen airport was my first.  No judging, it was the cheapest option for me (6 bucks for a kids meal).)  It consisted of pizza, french fries, and salad sans dressing.  So essentially, I ate a plate of fries and plain salad due to my allergy to tomatoes.  And you would think that we would be welcomed to Denmark with a traditional Danish meal…

The jetlag really had me off, so I went to bed pretty late and got only 3 hours of sleep before having to wake up to catch the train in the morning to Copenhagen for the DIS opening ceremony at the Danish Royal Academy of Music.  The presenters at the ceremony were absolutely hilarious.  The Danes seem to have this sarcastic humor, but not the dry sorts like I am used to at home.  They also had adorably corny analogies to get us excited for our experience abroad.

The Danish Royal Academy of Music

This is the theme song for Tivoli in Copenhagen.  It was written for one of its anniversaries.  The strings performances at the opening ceremony was lovely.

The rest of my day was spent in DIS info sessions and I applied for my Danish residence permit.  I found that at 7-11, you can get amazing croissants (very buttery, but soo good) two for 10 kr (about $5).  You cannot find a good croissant anywhere for $2.50 in the States.  I also got an amazingly tasty chicken kebab for 17 kr.  Who knew 7-11 was so good somewhere in the world?

On the way home to Roskilde, Spencer and I were trying to find the station at Nørreporte.  He asked me if the street we were on was the right street and a Danish woman walking by stopped and screamed at us- “THIS IS DENMARK! WE SPEAK DANISH HERE!” Not exactly what I was expecting from a Danish person…but I will not let that cloud over my view of the Danes.  The rest have been pretty darn friendly and helpful.  Also, another interesting site- on our way down to the trains, there was a man peeing in a trash can connected to the wall.  A little disturbing.

I have a bunch more to share about Tuesday and today, but I need to try to get on some type of a normal schedule.  It is 2AM here and I am still up, writing this.  I have my first classes tomorrow, and I cannot wait!


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