Exploration Copenhagen, Part 1

26 Aug

I am disappointed that every morning on the train rides are not the same as Monday morning.. We were not greeted with a box of Cheerios at the station by a Cheerios promotion lady again 😦

I will always say yes to free food in Copenhagen!

On Tuesday, as a part of orientation, we had to do an urban exploration of the city.  It was somewhat of a scavenger hunt where we had to find certain landmarks.  It was a whole lot of walking (about 4 hours), but I had a great time.  I also met Kali who goes to the University of Denver and had class with Aaron and knew him!  It was a welcomed connection and she is pretty awesome to explore with.  We are doing a visit to Esrum Abbey on Sunday along with Avery, a girl who lives in Trekoner kollegium down the street with me.  So that should be an interesting blog post with lots of fun photos.

Christiansborg Palace, seat of the Folketing (Danish Parliament)

Vor Frelsers Kirke

The ceiling in Vor Frelsers Kirke

Børsen, The Old Stock Exchange

Beautiful ships

Amalienborg, the winter home of the Danish royal family

Changing of the guards at Amalienborg

I only got to see a sliver of Copenhagen and it took over 4 hours!  This wonderful city has so much more that I cannot wait to see…I do not know how I will fit it in between classes, field studies, homework, and study tours!


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