Næste station: Trekroner

2 Sep

I have been getting some flak from my mum for not updating my blog quickly enough!  It has been pretty darn busy, but amazing this past week.  Classes are well under way and DIS is definitely not a blow off study abroad experience like some other countries.  I am taking Cultural Conflict, Muslims in the West, Human Trafficking, and Danish Language and Culture.  So as you can imagine, I do not mind having to read for them, as these classes are incredibly interesting.

One of my more challenging cultural changes in Denmark has been the transportation system.  My first night out, I missed the 2:18 train back to Trekroner, meaning that I had to wait until about 5 in the morning for the next train home.  Luckily I was with a few other people in the same boat.

Only three days later, Kelly and I were taking the tog (train) home from Copenhagen.  However, it passed Trekroner….then Roskilde….and kept going for almost 45 more minutes.  Apparently we had gotten on a train that does not stop at our station in our rush to make the train that heads out our way.  Typically I always check the destination list.  We ended up in a place called Hvalsø.  It was country with sheep every where.  It was actually super adorable.  However, I learned my lesson and figured out that only Regional Green trains stop at Trekroner.  Unfortunately, because it is not a huge stop, during the day trains only come about every 20 minutes.  And at night….well, they only come every hour until 2:18!


And yesterday I had another run in with Danish transportation.  I decided to go to Ikea to get some more towels, a baking pan, cheese grater, etc.  I had been told it was at a stop that we pass on our way home every day from the city, Høje Taastrup.  First off, the train I hopped on to get there was super delayed due to the doors malfunctioning.  Then once I got there, I found a bus that would take me close to Ikea.  However, I was unaware that the bus would not stop at the bus stop and that you had to press the “Stop” button if you wanted to get off there.  I ended up 20 minutes later in Ballerup, another town.  It took me about another hour to get back to Ikea.  It was such a trek and I will definitely not make the same mistake again.

But my Ikea trip was successful.  I spent about $70, but since I spent over 300 kr, I will get 25% of that back because I am not an EU citizen and thus don’t have to pay VAT!!  It is definitely worth it to spend a few kroner more if I am almost to 300 because I will save more after the fact.


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