7-11: My Guilty Pleasure

3 Sep

I know I already posted about the amazing croissants at 7-11, but I must speak about them again! For the first few days I thought that it was 2 for $5, but I was mistaken (I just simply was too tired every morning on my way to class to do simple math) and they are actually 2 for $2!  And so amazing.  They not only have plain, but chocolate, raspberry, and almond as well.  I tried the almond one and it has a type of marzipan sweet almond paste inside.  They may be the best I have ever had, rivaling Croissant Gourmet, my favorite bakery in Winter Park, Florida.  Or perhaps just about everything tastes good when it reminds me of home.

I also still am a huge fan of their chicken kebabs for 17kr, but it is nice if you are with a friend and you can get 2 for 26kr, which is a little more than $5.  Not bad at all if you ask me.

Also, today before Avery and I went on a tour of the harbor via boat, we grabbed ham and cheese croissants, 2 for 26kr.  They were so delicious, much better than other ones that I have paid 30kr for around Copenhagen.

Their baked goods and fresh made food are about where the amazing prices stop.  However, they still have a pretty awesome selection of items and overall, the quality of 7-11 in Denmark shocks me in comparison to a 7-11 at home where a slice of pizza has been desperately praying for you to pick it up after waiting for hours under a heat lamp.

They have an amazing sparkling wine with elderflower in it.  Elderflower is one of my favorite flavors that I have yet to find in the States.  I first had in when I was visiting my cousin in Vienna and he had it in the form of soda.

Elderflower Sparkling Wine

They also have adorable pre-made Starbucks drinks in the cutest of cups.  They are about $4, but hey, isn’t that nearly how much a darn cup of coffee is at a regular Starbucks at home anyhow?  I had one of these to perk me up for class last week.

Starbucks Iced Mocha Latte


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