Classy Copenhagen

4 Sep

On my way home from a party in Østerbro tonight, I was able to successfully use the bus and train system all together! I am finally getting the hang of it 🙂  However, if I did not have my iPhone to look up time tables and routes on, the Danish answer to Google Maps, I would be utterly lost.

On the train ride home to Trekroner, I barely made the rain (an earlier one than my route plan had promised!).  As I was sitting there, already pleased that I would be home earlier than expected, a lady came through the cabin and was offering coffee and tea.  When I asked her how many kroner, she said none!  Why may I ask have I taken this train and time before and never once been offered such luxury?  Perhaps it is a weekend service?  Or perhaps I accidentally sat in first class and the man checking tickets felt bad since I had had to run for the train and was clearly foreign.

fri te!


One Response to “Classy Copenhagen”

  1. Allie Abroad 4 September 2011 at 12 46 pm #

    Update: Notice the DSB 1′ sticking out behind the tea packet…just saw the empty cup on my desk and noticed that. That stands for first class…. whoops!

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