Fam Fam

4 Sep

On Monday, I finally got to meet my visiting family.  I had already met Robin, their son who is an SRA for one of the DIS residence halls in Copenhagen when I was hanging out there before going out Friday night.

Linda picked me up from the train station and took me back to their home in Hvidovre.  I got to meet Mollie their dog, as well as Lulle and Liann.  Their home was wonderful and had a lovely garden in the back.

adorable eggs in their house!

so cute! 🙂

They prepared me a traditional Danish Christmas dinner, including flæskesteg (roasted pork with cracklings), brunede kartofler (brown potatoes with some type of caramel-like thin coating to them), regular potatoes, gravy, and rødkål (red pickled cabbage).  It was so comforting to finally have a home cooked meal!  For dessert, Liann popped in the oven some æbleskiver, a Danish type of pancake in a sphere shape, and we dipped them in raspberry jam and powdered sugar.


Brunede kartofler

Traditional Danish Christmas dinner


Linda taught me a few Danish words for items around the house like plate, fork, knife, spoon, blanket, etc.  It was fun to practice with her.

My next planned visit to them is on my 21st birthday, September 12th.  Linda told me to meet her at the train station again and the rest of the day and night from there is all a surprise! I cannot wait to see them again and I cannot wait to see what they have in store.


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