Castle Number One: Kronborg Slot

7 Sep

This past Saturday, I took a trip with DIS to Elsinore to see Kronborg Slot.  One thing I am sure of, I am very pleased that I brought an umbrella.  The moment we got there it started to pour!

I did however make some new friends!  As soon as we got there, a few of us desperately had to use the bathroom.  By the time we got back to the buses, everyone had already been set free to explore Elsinore for a while before our tours of the castle.  We explored the town a little bit.  It was so adorable and I wish it had not been so rainy, as we ended up seeking refuge in a café to wait out the downpour.  Interesting side note: I had packed my own lunch to avoid a pricey lunch, but everyone ordered tap water so I got a glass too.  It was 6kr.  For tap water.  $1.20 for tap water.  Not cool Denmark.

Ost, so much ost! I should have bought some parmesan..

We headed over to the castle after some questionable directions from some Danish teens that are going to grow up to be lookers one day.  The Danish population is just so good looking.  The women are beautiful, long-legged, and thin.  Then men are of viking stature (credit to Luke over in Afghanistan for describing them as such about the Danes on his base).

The castle provided us some relief from the wet weather, however I was not impressed as I thought I would be.  From what I gathered the castle was burnt down at some point and thus much of the original glamour is gone.  However, all was made better once I entered the chapel, a part the fire from the Swedes did not touch.  It was full of rich colors and wooden carvings.  That would have made church much for fun to attend when I was a kiddo.  Except that it would have distract me from the sermons as I am sure it did the royal children..

Kronborg Slot

C4 for Christian the 4th

The Ballroom

Kids’ Playroom

Denmark in the foreground, Sweden across the water

Jessie and I in the chapel

Then there was the dungeon/hide out during Swedish invasions.  It was so authentic, with the floor unfinished and graveled.  The walls were moist and the air was muggy.  There was hardly any light to see by, save for a few fake candles in dark corners.  At one point I stopped following our tour guide and got a bit lost only to bump into a fake man!  Needless to say, I ran to find our tour guide and she gave me a big hug (she was SUCH a sweetheart and said I remind her of her daughter who also like to curiously wander off).

In the dungeon!


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