House of Gold: Geeky Medieval Fighting Games

8 Sep

Two Sundays ago, Avery, Kali, and I went on a trip with DIS to Esrum Abbey.  We got to tour the abbey, of which only a small portion remains due to Christian the 4th tearing most of it down to use the bricks to build part of Frederiksborg Slot.

Esrum Abbey

Avery, myself, and Kali

The tour however was the least memorable part of the day.  Not because it was uninteresting, but because we got to partake in medieval games!  We were split into teams and mine consisted of me, Avery, Kali, a girl named Michelle, and Burke, one of the DIS leaders for the trip.  We were given wooden shields and banners with the task of designing and painting them to represent our clan.  We titled ourselves House of Gold and our banner cry was “abutton gold.”

Clan House of Gold

We then participated in the medieval games to win points for our team.  We got to launch a pumpkin with a trebuchet, which is apparently illegal in the United States.  We got to throw spears at a hay man and surprisingly I managed to knock it over, although not actually spear it.  We also got to do archery!  My strength was very good, however my aim was a bit off and I kept missing the target by inches (we only got three tries).  I would love to take lessons when I get home for fun.  We sword fought (with foam swords but of course) and he did not go easy on us!  A few people ended up in the mud!  We rode a wooden horse whilst the rest of the team pushed and ran behind and then struck a wooden knight to see how many times we could get him to spin.  Lastly, we wore chainmail while trying to climb backwards up the ladder.  I could not even advance one wrung considering the chainmail was at least half my weight!  Confession: The entirety of this time, I may or may not have pretended that I was living in Westeros in the golden days under King Robert Baratheon….


Casual spear throwing

Channeling Robin Hood

I think I need a little more practice from my dancing teacher

Close enough to jousting, right?

We then had  an abbey ale tasting and all of the ale was produced at the abbey!  Typically when I think of monks, I do not think of brewmasters.  Nor did I expect to hear from our tour guide that when the monks felt sexual urges that they used the hemlock in the garden to rub on their nether regions so that they would get very ill and be less likely to feel an urge again… Quite awkward to hear from a medieval dressed tour guide.


Our tour guide…


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