Culture Shock

9 Sep

One part of Danish culture that I am having trouble adjusting to is their pushiness in public.  When waiting in line, they often seem to push their way forward.  While waiting at the train, they will push by you, sometimes almost shoving you if space is tight.  All is fine, but I am used to an apology or an “excuse me” at home.  The first few days I did not let it bother me because I was so excited to be in Copenhagen.  However, after about a week, I started to notice it happening several times a day.  It really began to upset me.

However, such is a part of their culture.  Danes appear to be very kept to their self in public and only loosen up when they are around close friends.  Therefore, just sitting on the trains there is almost all silence and thus, when being pushed a little bit, silence is key as well.

I let it bother me for a couple days, but I have come to accept it as part of their culture.  I am nearly 100% positive that they are rather annoyed by our overtly American behavior of talking loudly when going out in large groups on the train.  So I think it is fair that I be a bit uncomfortable for a little bit if we are going to invade their city and interrupt their peace and quiet.


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