Probably the Best Beer in the World

11 Sep

Last Saturday, I roused myself out of bed and Kelly and I headed into the city.  We first stopped at Christiana, of which I do not have any pictures because cameras are forbidden within this autonomous neighbourhood in Copenhagen.  I bought a pair of super warm adorable woolen woven socks made by women in the northern mountains of Afghanistan (possibly the Wakhan Corridor)?  The man who sold them to me said he has lived in Christiana for over 20 years but all the stuff he sells he buys from people at home and has shipped to Denmark.  I also found a gorgeous inlet on the harbor.  I think one day this week or next, if the weather is nice, that I will pack a lunch and eat by the water.

Bring it on Scandinavian winter

We then headed over to the Carlsberg factory where they were celebrating their 200th anniversary.  I assumed it would be a big factory like the Jameson or Guinness factory.  However, it was a whole mini town!

Anniversary balloons!

Me and Kelly at the elephant gate

New Carlsberg (his father’s brewery was the first Carlsberg)

An interesting thing to see were the abundance of children.  There may have been more kiddos than adults!!!  It is such a contrast to American society to see parents drinking beer as their babies sleep in their carriages or their children run wild.

My favorite photo of the day

We also got to take a self-guided tour for free thanks to the celebration.  They had a room with all the beer bottles ever made and from all the countries all over the world!

Carlsberg in different languages (there were hundreds more of this bottle design!)

They even had horse-drawn carriages.  It reminded me a bit of a beer at home…Budweiser!  Except that these carriages were toting tots.


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