Taste the World: Copenhagen’s International Festival 2011

12 Sep

MOST IMPORTANTLY – Today is my 21st birthday 🙂  I will be celebrating all week long for my birth week.  People make a huge fuss when babies are born, celebrating, visiting, etc.  So why shouldn’t I make a huge fuss all week long?  Sorry, I’m not sorry.

Last Sunday (and yes I realize I am about a week behind with my adventures on here) did not look promising.  I was enjoying burrowing under my covers way too much to get up and enjoy the beautiful day.  However, I managed to drag myself outside and head towards the city.  Possibly the best choice ever because for once it was high 60s and sunny.

Avery, Rachel, Eliana, and I decided to go to the International Festival in Copenhagen.  On our way over, we stopped at Israels Plads, an amazing outdoor market that recently opened.  But I will post more about that later, as it is AMAZING and warrants its own spotlight.

International Day, Copenhagen 2011

We found the festival and were immersed in cultures from around the world.  First we dressed up in Philippine traditional dress.

Me, Eliana, Rachel, and Avery in our Philippine authentic outfits

I bought a mochi with red bean paste for 5kr ($1)… the only money I spent all day thanks to all the free food I managed to scavenge across the city.  Eliana explained to me how to make the tasty treat: equal parts water, sugar, and rice flour.  Mix it all together and microwave it.  Pop it in the fridge for a while.  Then squeeze some red bean paste on the dough and make it into a ball.  Simple enough! (Eliana, you must correct me if this is wrong because 1: I don’t want ALL of my followers, the thousands I have, to make this wrong…hahahahaha right. And 2: More realistically, I don’t want to make it wrong.)

Yummy mochi

I also found a Kurdish groups tent and they taught me about their religion, Yazidi.  They are a monotheistic religion that believes in reincarnation.  They were very into explaining their religion to me.  I am so darn lucky to have English as my first language because it really is the universal language (at the moment) and I have been so surprised to meet so many foreigners with such a mastery of the language.

Prof. Klinker, I know you’d appreciate this one..

A replica of the common design of a Yazidi temple

I then meandered over to the Brazilian tent, drawn by the melodious music floating from their tent.

Brazilian music!

I was then greeted by a 30 something man from Brazil who then invited me to a music party they are having in Christiana in a couple of weeks and we headed over to the Brazilian food station to grab a bite to eat. More free food for meeeee 🙂

I cannot find the name of this dish online.  He explained to me that it is a common dish that truck drivers eat.  Mom, aren’t you surprised that I tried it, AND LIKED IT?

Except that now my number that was given for more information about the party is being abused with a phone call a day which I have chosen wisely to ignore… guess I won’t be going to that Brazilian music party in Christiana after all… When will I learn that most men are creepy?  Is there a Danish number for the reject hotline?  No, but they have them in the UK, Mexico, and Brazil now.  Some poor soul with the exact same number as mine minus one diget will be getting calls from creepsters in the future.. Sorry!

More photos from the day:

Gaza and West Bank, another shout out to Prof. Klinker!

House of Gold, hollaa!

Hejjj Che! Shout out to Señorita Bove!

“I vote red”.. Denmark’s elections are September 15th (post about this to come soon)


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