Fødselsdag – Turning 21 in Denmark

14 Sep

Monday was my birthday. My 21st birthday! Nothing too special here in Denmark because they can start buying beer and wine at 16 and hard alcohol at 18.  I celebrated Sunday night with some of my international friends in my kollegium.  It was quite a good time!  But I had class in the morning, so I went to bed a bit after midnight.

On my actual birthday, I went to class per usual.  I finally ate a real lunch out in the city with Avery and Kali.  We were told that at Delle Valle on Mondays it is 50% off, but it turned out that that deal is only valid after 5PM but we could get 10% off for being students.  We will DEFINITELY be going back there on a Monday night because the food was delish.  I had a burger with onions, cheese, and bacon and a side of thick potatoe fries.  Maybe I just miss American cuisine, but it was one of the tastiest burgers I have ever had!

Avery, Kali, and Me at Della Valle

Birthday lunch

Afterwards, I went to see my Danish family to celebrate.  I was kept in the dark about the plans and Robin and I headed over around 4 (after a much needed cat nap).  In Denmark, for their 18th birthday, which is their big birthday, they have two parties — one for family and one for friends.  They gave me the former.

They had many Danish flags for decoration (they always have Danish flags to celebrate holidays, especially birthdays…their equivalent to birthday candles perhaps?).  It was just the immediate family: Linda, Lulle, Liane, Robin, Kenneth, and of course Mollie.  We had sweet rolls that we buttered, hot cocoa, and lagkage (layer cake).  Apparently it is the traditional cake for birthdays in Denmark.  Their version of it was just sweet enough and had layers of yellow cake and strawberry filling.  It was sooo good!  Then I may or may not have had four mini flødeboller, a chocolate covered marshmallow type treat, sometimes sprinkled with coconut shavings.  They offered me some rye bread with liver paste and cucumbers on top, but I was too full from all the sweets to accept.  Maybe next time I will try it.. maybe! (Yes Mum, you are probably laughing right now at the idea of me eating such a thing).


Lagkage cross-section, yummy strawberries!

Bøller (buns)


They were so sweet as to have gotten me a gift.  They got me a little silver heart necklace and a box of Toffifee, a type of chocolate and caramel candy.

And of course, we practiced some more Danish and they were surprised at how much I had remembered, how my pronunciation was not wretched (although still funny to Robin apparently), and the knew words and phrases that I learned.

By the time I got home, I was so darn tired that I just collapsed.  Tuesday night was my night for celebration (no Wednesday classes!).

Lulle, Robin, Me, Kenneth, Liane

Me & Linda


2 Responses to “Fødselsdag – Turning 21 in Denmark”

  1. Paula (Mum) 14 September 2011 at 5 35 pm #

    Yes, actually LMAO! and I am sooo happy that you have such a nice family there to celebrate your birthday with!!! However, I am surprised that there was no picture of Mollie included?!?!?

  2. Stella Young 16 September 2011 at 12 50 am #

    Happy belated birthday, Allie!! How exciting for you to be able to study abroad. I have enjoyed reading through your journal and the pictures. Enjoy your time in Denmark.


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