Danish Election Results – UPDATE

16 Sep

And it looks to be that it is a win for the left-wing.  Helle Thorning-Schmidt will be the first female Prime Minister of Denmark, taking 50.8% of the vote!!  The new government will likely be a coalition of the Social Democrats and the Social People’s Party with support from the Social Liberals and the Red-Green Alliance.

Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Denmark’s new PM!
Isn’t she adorbs?


After learning more about the election results in class today, I figured I’d update this to make it more detailed and accurate.

There was an 87.5% voter turn out yesterday.  Denmark does not have any get out to vote campaigns either!

The elections were very close, as you can see:

Chart credit to Jyllands-Posten
(keep in mind that red equates to left in Denmark, while blue equates to right…just to throw you off a bit more!)

The Social Democrats only won 44 seats, while Venstre of the right-wing won 47.  However, there must be 90 mandates to appoint a Prime Minister.  Because the left-wing won by just a few seats, with the help of the Enhedslisten and the support of other parties, the Social Democrats will form a minority left government.


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