Kayaking on the Kattegat, Sweden Day Three

19 Sep

On our third day in Sweden of our study tour we got up super bright and early to leave the hostel for Varberg, where we went kayaking on the Kattegat, a bay of the North Sea.  We were instructed on how to use the kayaks and after venturing through some nasty mud and dead fish particles or something that smelt rank, we were off and into the water!  It was an absolute blast, even though we only had about 45 minutes on the water.  But I am sure that was enough, because the next day my shoulders were screaming at me.  I think when I get home, I definitely want to find a place to kayak (definitely not on the James River….rapids, me, kayak, NO!).

Kayaking on the Kattegat

After our kayaking adventure, we took a boat tour on a fishing boat.  So many boat tours!  It was gorgeous, although incredibly windy.  We also had some pretty choppy water, resulting in soaking wet clothes, salty sea water on hair and face, and sea sickness on the ride back.  But it was incredibly worth it!

Our boat

Sailboats on the coastline

Castle through the fog

Swedish bathhouse
Thank you for more Swedish nudity scenes for my boat tours, ahem

Finally, we had a debrief session about our study tour and ate some carrot cake and cinnamon buns that the wife of the man who took us kayaking baked us.  So adorable!


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