Israels Plads- Market Halls

20 Sep

A few Fridays ago, a new market in Copenhagen opened.  There used to be a market there a few decades ago, but it closed down.  They have now re-opened an enclosed/outdoor market at Israels Plads where the old one used to be.

One of the two halls, Market Halls

It is a mecca of delicious foods and ingredients, one that I was delighted to find.  Seeing that they just opened, there have been a TON of free sampling… I filled up for the day before the International Festival on a few Sundays and then again on Wednesday before exploring Copenhagen.

Chili-infused pasta
It was spicy enough on its own without the chili-infused olive oil!

Out of cheese? No problem.  They have nearly every type.  Of course, such was heaven for me, being the cheese lover that I am.  However, somehow a photo did not end up being taken..

Another shop had flavored balsamic vinegars and olive oils as well as teas and spices, herbs, etc.  I tried three of the vinegars (original, fig, and lavender), all of which were amazing.  Too bad for the 119kr price tag (about $24).  But that’s gourmet for you.  They also had 7 types of curry.  Impressive if you ask me.  Does anyone know the sweet curry that they put on chips (fries) in Ireland?  I had it once and fell in love…  I will definitely be returning to this stand for some cooking spices, as you can buy by the ounce and it did not seem too expensive if I recall correctly.  Plus, the guy who works there (and potentially owns it) was super nice and helpful.

Balsamic lover’s dream!

Curry of all sorts

He knows his stuff

There was also a delectable chocolatier, Summerbird.  They had samples of chocolate covered almonds.  One was raspberry dusted and the other was lemon cayenne.  Possibly one of the tastiest chocolates I have ever tasted.  However, I will not be returning to make a purchase, seeing as it is $40 for a small bag.  Samples it is for as long as they have them!


Whenever I was taking a few pictures of the fish stall, the guy behind the counter gave me a look.  When I told him I was taking photos for my blog, he invited me behind the counter to take better pictures.  He also told me I should help him serve the customers.  I do not know if that was a part of Danish humor or if he was serious.  I just laughed it off as a joke…I’d prefer not to smell like fish the rest of the day.

The least creepy of the photos..

There were many other stands there, some with prepared food, others with baked treats.  There were stalls with every type of cheese imaginable while others were stocked full of fresh produce.

Rum, Brandy, Whiskey, etc.


French cuisine

Sweet treats

Before leaving, I checked out the local fresh produce outside.  I asked him what type of pears he had and he offered for me to try one before buying.  Where else can you do that?  They were amazing pears and I picked three out for my upcoming Sweden trip (I later hoarded about 8 more from the sustainability seminar at DIS later that evening).  It only cost me 4,5kr (less than $1)!

The produce inside looks fresh and tempting, but don’t pay the extra high prices!

Wild grown plants that mimic tastes such as wasabi, anise, etc.

According to many store owners, business has been great since they opened, so hopefully Copenhagen will have this place for years to come!


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