Swan: My Australian Friend’s Idea of a Thanksgiving Dinner

22 Sep

So some of my friends that live in my kollegium are from different countries.  They would like to make a Thanksgiving dinner with me in November.  I ask if they have turkeys in Denmark and the response I get: “We can catch you a swan for you to cook for Thanksgiving Dinner!”  Thanks Tom.

I don’t know if they have swan on the menu in Australia, but I heard that in the UK if you kill a swan, you are killing the property of Her Majesty which is considered treason.  Clearly swans are majestic and thus should not be eaten.  Also, Hans Christian Andersen is from Odense, Denmark, and he wrote the Ugly Duckling.  So they are probably pretty awesome in Denmark, too.  So no, I will not eat swan for Thanksgiving.  Please don’t kill a cygnet for me.


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