A Parade of Baby Elephants!!

23 Sep

When I arrived in Copenhagen, I was greeted by tons of baby elephants.  Inanimate, artistically decorated, baby elephants. 102 to be exact.

During this past summer, the Crown Prince chose to host the Elephant Parade in Copenhagen.  Each artist who participates is given a fiberglass elephant to decorate in any way they wish.

My favorite one!
“Indigenous” by Joël Bigaignon

The elephants were displayed all over Copenhagen all summer until the end of August, which was a bit of a bummer that I only had a week to see them.  Had I been here all summer, my goal would have been to have a picture with every single one of them.  I only got to take pictures with 4 of them in their natural habitat (the city).

“Solefant” by Andrejs Ritins

“Super Hero Elephant” by Lars Birk

“Tears of Deliverance” by Sasha Henneberg Bach

Me and Avery
“Sanctuary” by Sara Stilling

The entire point of the Elephant Parade is to raise money for the endangered Asian elephants.  The Crown Prince, as well as the rest of the Royal Family is a member of the Order of the Elephant, an exclusive order reserved for an elite few, today almost strictly Danish royalty.  Therefore, he chose to take on this immense fundraiser.  At the end of the exhibit, all of the elephants were placed in a warehouse for final touch ups before the auction.  The public was able to visit them for free before they were gone forever.  I got to see a whole lot more of them before they were gone and of course took the opportunity to take pictures with the ones I could stand close to.

Casually cuddling up with Disguise by Line Elmstrøm Lund

Tenka Gammelgaard working on “Hommage á Blixen”

HKH Prinsgemalen, the Prince Consort
This is the design of the elephant of the Order of the Elephant

This is one that I purchased to take home with me.  Her name is Bon Bon and her artist is Rasamee Kongchan.  Isn’t she just adorable?

Me and Bon Bon

Me and Real Life Bon Bon!

I promise to post a link to more pictures of the elephants soon!!


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