Årsfest 2011, Danes Do it Right

24 Sep

Living all the way out near Roskilde has been rather annoying when trying to go out for the night in Copenhagen.  It results in a lot of intended night plans that often just never happen.  But for once, living on the campus of Roskilde University had its upside!

I had to get up super early last Saturday for a trip to Funen, so going out in Copenhagen was not looking like an attractive plan.  But luckily, the biggest party of the year was that night on the campus I live on!  The entry is free if you are a student there, but 100kr if you aren’t…. Was not planning on paying that, so we snuck in!  And it was incredibly worth it!

There were a few tents with different DJs in each one and tons of Danes partying it up on the dance floor.  I had a blast dancing to the likes of Spice Girls, Will Smith, Shakira, etc.  Music really is the universal language.  Everyone knew all of the songs.  Oh and interesting side note, everyone was dressed in costume!  And they also had dressed professionals performing all night.

Danes gettin’ down on the floor

Circus Peformers

After a while, I was hearing rumors that this was not the only part of the party.  Good thing, because I was a little worried if the first few tents were considered the biggest party of year.  Wandering around, I found some interesting things.  First, on a bathroom stop, I discovered these:

Kudos Denmark!
Make the boys pee outside so that they don’t make the lines for the girls long 🙂

We also passed through Christmas… A very strange sight to see in September.  They had Danes dressed up as Santa and a snow machine soap machine blowing “snow” around.  When we asked the Santas why they were celebrating Christmas so early, they had no idea.

Oh hey, snow.

We also ran into the Alabama Whitesnakes, a rock band dressed country who spoke in fake Southern accents between sets.  They kindly informed me that they were “here to fuck up my education.” (Sorry Mom and Dendi, those his words, not mine!!!!) Also, please read Urban Dictionary’s definition of an Alabama Whitesnake. Okay then.

The Alabama Whitesnakes

Along the way, we meandered by another dance party.  All I can say is, I love your party decor Denmark.

We then found more tents!  This time with some type of gypsy rock music and a lounging area.  The lounging tent is another PERFECT example of Danish party decor.  Love it, must take it home with me.

Lounge tent!

Told you it was adorable!

Some Danish hygge

And because I had to wake up early, after I had seen and experienced a little bit of all parts of the festival, I headed back to Korallen.  So nice to walk 10 minutes and be home in my bed verses of walking to the train station, taking a 30 minute train ride, and walking 10 minutes home from a night in Copenhagen!  Oh and the late night snacking was slightly better than the hot dog stands….

Yes, I bought it from a Vietnamese place.
Yes, the girl making them has incredible Mickey Mouse making talent.
Yes, I did pay 50kr for my ham and cheese crêpe.
Yes, it was the best crêpe I have ever eaten. And I was sober mind you..


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