Castle Number 2: Valdemars Slot

29 Sep

So I swear I have not disappeared in Copenhagen.  I had to be reminded why I came here: to study.  I had my first exam and first long paper due today, so I have been a bit busy.

But 2 weekends ago, I went on a weekend trip with DIS to the island of Funen to explore the life of Hans Christian Andersen.  This trip included visits to two castles, mainly the reason why I wanted to go on the trip.  The first of the two castles we visited was Valdemars Slot, located in Svendborg.

The castle was originally built by Christian IV for his son Valdemar, but was given to an admiral of the Danish navy after a victory and has been kept in the family ever since.  The woman who currently live there now utilizes it as her winter home, but has it open during the summer months for visitors.  I love that someone actually lives there because it is furnished and not empty, as many castles are!

Gorgeous current owner of the home, Caroline Nielsdatter
Interesting side note- her father’s name was Niels, thus her surname Nielsdatter

Valdemars Slot
Not the most impressive exterior, but the interior is gorgeous and the grounds are pretty

Castle grounds

Gorgeous land

As I mentioned before, the interior of the castle is actually decorated.  It is filled with historical antiques and objects from the time of the admiral and quite a gorgeous sight to see!  One of my favorite parts of the castle is one of the guest rooms that has a balcony overlooking the chapel.

Apparently you can rent it out, as well as the rest of the estate, for weddings!

Hand-blown glass chandelier

Awesome beds!
When Caroline has guests, they actually get to stay in the decorated rooms.
The beds are so short because in the time of the admiral, everyone spent so much time doing their hair that they slept sitting up so they wouldn’t ruin it.

Interesting story: the castle had this painting in its possession.  Later on, one of the subsequent owners of the castle was in a market in France where he saw this painting below.  It is a painting of the artist painting the painting above!

One of my goals in life: to have an amazing library full of old books!


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