Why Agnes Only Got 30 of My Kroner

2 Oct

I know I raved about Agnes Cupcakes earlier this month, but I have not bought a single cupcake from them since. There are three reasons:

1. They are 30kr a piece ($6 USD)

2. My mom tried to get them to deliver cupcakes to DIS on my birthday and the guy told her he would take care of it, but blew her off. I ended up getting nothing on my birthday. Thanks Agnes

3. I found a new cupcake shop: Serenity Cupcakes!!!!

Alright, I clearly admit it: I have a cupcake problem. While I am in Richmond, I religiously check the Facebook pages of Pearl’s Cupcake Shoppe and Carytown Cupcakes for the flavors of the day/week. So once I got here, naturally I would seek out some new cupcakeries. Unfortunately, everything in general is more expensive in Copenhagen. But $6 for a cupcake? And I thought $2.50 was a little much. But so be it, that is the way of Copenhagen.

But in browsing online, I found a new place to try out: Serenity Cupcakes. Agnes has certain flavors for each day of the week, but Serenity’s changes it up day to day, often with new surprises that the adorable lady who owns it whips up. Not to mention, their cupcakes are only 25kr, an ENTIRE DOLLAR cheaper. Okay, so that’s not a huge difference, but hey, I am a broke college student; I’ll take what I can get.

When I first entered the bakery, I fell in love. The decor is exactly how I would imagine my cupcake shop to be if I were to open one some day. Lavender EVERYWHERE! Everything was so girly and adorable, exactly how a cupcake shop should be. Agnes on the other hand is way too commercial for my tastes; it does not invoke the Danish concept of hygge in my opinion like Serenity’s. Okay, so great great, the venue is perfect. But what about the cupcakes? All I can say is super-lækker (or incredibly delicious)!

Serenity Cupcakes

So far, I have been back three times for cupcakes.  The first time, I dragged Robin, my visiting family brother, along to try them out with me one day after class.

Blackberry Cupcake
Note the cute sparkles and sprinkles on top!

Then it’s totally possible that the very next day I dragged Kali along with me.  We each bought a cupcake and shared them.  Sorry for being a bad influence… I know I’m a cupcakholic.  The first step to recovery is admitting the problem.

Our cupcakes at Serenity’s!

Autumn in New York
Pear and Plum cupcake

Rocky Mountain
Where Kali is from!

And then 4 days later I convinced Avery to go with me.  Told you, I am a horrible friend.  Unless getting my friends hooked on cupcakes is a good  thing!

Pumpkin Paradise! Cream cheese frosting!
My absolute favorite so far. It was moist and so tasty.
Perfect for welcoming fall.

On a side note, I am writing this post from Istanbul!  I will be writing many a posts in the next few days/week about my adventures here.  To tide you over, here is the view from where I ate dinner tonight of the Blue Mosque.

No I did not use zoom.  Yes Istanbul is now the most beautiful city I have ever visited.  Yes I have only been here for a day.


2 Responses to “Why Agnes Only Got 30 of My Kroner”

  1. Style Teaser 10 October 2011 at 11 11 pm #

    such a yummy post you’ve added 🙂 am already hungry. I got in love in Copenhagen on my recent trip there, everyone is so friendly and loved the parks 🙂 hope you don’t miss it too much!

  2. Indre 13 October 2011 at 3 26 pm #

    Hey Allie, what a nice post about Serenity! We totally remember you being here. We are glad that you liked our place. You are always very welcome to come by again:) Just hope Serenity will make your stay in Denmark even lovelier. Especially on a cold days of fall…

    Serenity girls

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