Why is my donut $3?

11 Oct

So after grocery shopping on Sunday, I decided to snag a donut from 7/11 to reward myself.  Reward myself for what you may ask?  I’m not so sure.  For making it back from Turkey and staying in all weekend, alcohol-free, rejuvenating my energy?  Sure, that’s the reason.

But on another note, my donut cost 15kr … costing almost $3 (Okay, $2.75, thanks to the super strength of the dollar lately!)  That is because as of October 1st this year, Denmark passed the first ever tax on saturated fat.

Their goal is to curb obesity in Danes.  It is estimated that 10% of Danes are obese.  In America, over 2/3 of the population is overweight and 34% is obese.  It’s pretty sad that Denmark is making such an effort to curb obesity by imposing this tax while America is over 3x as obese and doing nothing of the sorts.  Take notes future government of America!  Because 4% of deaths per year in Denmark are attributed to obesity.  I cannot imagine what the numbers are in America.

The tax is as follows:
For every solid kilo of saturated fat, 16 kroner will be added.  So that might not make a huge difference day to day, a package of butter being 2.5 kroner more expensive.  But it is estimated that if an average family with two children do not change their fat purchasing habits that it will cost the family an extra 1,000 kroner a year, or roughly $183.

Fair enough, cut out the fatty foods and make the population healthier and thinner!  But apparently the tax has been taking some heat because of some of the foods that the tax has been added to.  Basic foods such as low-fast yogurt, lunch meat, etc. are having the tax added to them.  I understand that for whole-fat milk, processed snacks, etc. the tax should be enforced, but I don’t find it fair to tax literally everything with fat in it.

We will see how it goes! I wonder how much the tax will cost me for the remaining 2 months I am in Denmark.  Perhaps not much, but maybe it will inspire me to cut out those super tasty pastries at Andersen Bakery I pass every day on my way to class.  Not.


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