How to avoid men at the Grand Bazaar

19 Oct

If you want a real experience, make sure to visit the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.  I cannot promise you that you will get a better deal for a scarf or anything else than you would in any shop outside the bazaar.  If you are great at haggling, then you probably will get a fair price.  Otherwise, you are going to likely pay too much.  But it is all a part of the experience!

Spices at the Egyptian Spice Market

The Grand Bazaar

Soaps from Abdulla.  Great quality soaps!

So many beautiful lanterns! I bought a pink mosaic brass lantern on a whim (and a good deal)!

Every man at every shop had such unique pick-up lines to draw customers in.  I was called Baby Spice, Christina, and even Shakira!  How flattering!  Maybe if I was a 50 year old with low self-esteem….  You dropped something! Me- what? Them- My heart!  Next time I heard that one, I made sure to tell them they are still alive, so I must not have dropped their heart, before they had the chance to finish their little pick-up line.

I managed to buy a few good items and got better at the haggling as I went.  I sometimes got “special price for special hair” without even trying.  I guess having strawberry blonde hair is not the norm in Turkey.  Nor is my skin color.  “Jesus, you are so pale,” in a thick Turkish accent was my favorite line of the trip.

Anyhow, so you may be wondering, how do I get that annoying man chasing me through the bazaar with disgusting and fake perfume to leave me alone?  Yeah, you thought you could just walk away from the stall because the merchant has gotta stay with his ‘dise.  Well you were wrong.  These guys do NOT leave you alone.  So after day one of Grand Bazaaring, my friends and I came up with a solution.

Any time that a merchant starts calling out “Spice Girls,” “Charlie’s Angels,” and saying “I’m here! I’m here!” (thanks, I can see you), you throw them the Jenna Marble’s face.  If you do not know what I am talking about, click here NOW.  I swear, it works!  I threw the face a few times and mid-line, they would legit stop talking, look confused, and just walk away.  It was AWESOME!  Thanks Jenna Marbles!  You are a life-saver!  And provided us with many laughs for the rest of the trip..


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