Break for the Soul

25 Oct

Hi everyone!

I might as well explain why my blog posts have been scarce.  I have a lot of material that I will be covering when I get back from my upcoming two week travel break, but for now, it has not materialized into posts because it is midterm week!  I am going to take the responsible route  (smile Mom!) and not focus my time and energy on posts when I have exams and papers to crush.

Some posts to look forward to when I return:

  • Why all the Taxis in Copenhagen are Mercedes
  • The fun I have had at Tivoli and Tivoli’s awesome Halloween
  • The free town of Christiana, pictures included
  • The protest in Istanbul that I managed to escape in the nick of time
  • Attending a Hercules performance in Danish
  • A day in the life of my dog
  • My visit to Rosenborg
  • Fitness classes in Danish and how fun it is to have no idea what they are yelling at you
  • Danish hygge and my favorite places to study in Copenhagen

Also, I am sure to be plenty of material and photos to share from my two week travels.  If you want to check out where I will be visiting, you can click here!

Farvel København, Hola Madrid, Merhaba Morocco!


One Response to “Break for the Soul”

  1. LoveStudyAbroad 5 November 2011 at 8 43 am #

    I noticed all the buses abroad were luxury brands too! So weird!

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