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A Little Bit of Halloween in Copenhagen

27 Oct

I bought this little guy at Tivoli during Halloween celebration last week.  I am not sure whether it is a ghost, a white pumpkin, or what.    But he is stinkin’ adorable and my only Halloween decor here with me in Copenhagen.  Any name suggestions?




Toilet Seat Mummies

16 Oct

In the States, or anywhere in the world for that matter, I am guilty of creating toilet seat mummies.  I am grossed out by toilet seats and will not sit down on the them without them being covered with toilet paper first.  Not very environmentally friendly, but my delicate skin thanks me for it!

But as I have been traveling around Europe (and recently, Asia!), I have discovered a great invention!  Toilet seat sanitizer!

Nearly all the bathrooms at DIS where I study have it!

Even my hotel in Istanbul had it!

So simple!

Not only does it save time and nixes the problem of placing toilet paper on the seat only to often have it fall off immediately, but it also saves toilet paper.  Good for the environment, good for the bank account of whoever supplies the toilets.

I really think the idea could catch on in the States.  At the University of Richmond, I would love to see toilet seat sanitizer implemented.  You would have to refill the toilet paper in the stalls less often and could add another check under the green initiative column.  If Turkey can do it, so can you!

Why is my donut $3?

11 Oct

So after grocery shopping on Sunday, I decided to snag a donut from 7/11 to reward myself.  Reward myself for what you may ask?  I’m not so sure.  For making it back from Turkey and staying in all weekend, alcohol-free, rejuvenating my energy?  Sure, that’s the reason.

But on another note, my donut cost 15kr … costing almost $3 (Okay, $2.75, thanks to the super strength of the dollar lately!)  That is because as of October 1st this year, Denmark passed the first ever tax on saturated fat.

Their goal is to curb obesity in Danes.  It is estimated that 10% of Danes are obese.  In America, over 2/3 of the population is overweight and 34% is obese.  It’s pretty sad that Denmark is making such an effort to curb obesity by imposing this tax while America is over 3x as obese and doing nothing of the sorts.  Take notes future government of America!  Because 4% of deaths per year in Denmark are attributed to obesity.  I cannot imagine what the numbers are in America.

The tax is as follows:
For every solid kilo of saturated fat, 16 kroner will be added.  So that might not make a huge difference day to day, a package of butter being 2.5 kroner more expensive.  But it is estimated that if an average family with two children do not change their fat purchasing habits that it will cost the family an extra 1,000 kroner a year, or roughly $183.

Fair enough, cut out the fatty foods and make the population healthier and thinner!  But apparently the tax has been taking some heat because of some of the foods that the tax has been added to.  Basic foods such as low-fast yogurt, lunch meat, etc. are having the tax added to them.  I understand that for whole-fat milk, processed snacks, etc. the tax should be enforced, but I don’t find it fair to tax literally everything with fat in it.

We will see how it goes! I wonder how much the tax will cost me for the remaining 2 months I am in Denmark.  Perhaps not much, but maybe it will inspire me to cut out those super tasty pastries at Andersen Bakery I pass every day on my way to class.  Not.

Why Agnes Only Got 30 of My Kroner

2 Oct

I know I raved about Agnes Cupcakes earlier this month, but I have not bought a single cupcake from them since. There are three reasons:

1. They are 30kr a piece ($6 USD)

2. My mom tried to get them to deliver cupcakes to DIS on my birthday and the guy told her he would take care of it, but blew her off. I ended up getting nothing on my birthday. Thanks Agnes

3. I found a new cupcake shop: Serenity Cupcakes!!!!

Alright, I clearly admit it: I have a cupcake problem. While I am in Richmond, I religiously check the Facebook pages of Pearl’s Cupcake Shoppe and Carytown Cupcakes for the flavors of the day/week. So once I got here, naturally I would seek out some new cupcakeries. Unfortunately, everything in general is more expensive in Copenhagen. But $6 for a cupcake? And I thought $2.50 was a little much. But so be it, that is the way of Copenhagen.

But in browsing online, I found a new place to try out: Serenity Cupcakes. Agnes has certain flavors for each day of the week, but Serenity’s changes it up day to day, often with new surprises that the adorable lady who owns it whips up. Not to mention, their cupcakes are only 25kr, an ENTIRE DOLLAR cheaper. Okay, so that’s not a huge difference, but hey, I am a broke college student; I’ll take what I can get.

When I first entered the bakery, I fell in love. The decor is exactly how I would imagine my cupcake shop to be if I were to open one some day. Lavender EVERYWHERE! Everything was so girly and adorable, exactly how a cupcake shop should be. Agnes on the other hand is way too commercial for my tastes; it does not invoke the Danish concept of hygge in my opinion like Serenity’s. Okay, so great great, the venue is perfect. But what about the cupcakes? All I can say is super-lækker (or incredibly delicious)!

Serenity Cupcakes

So far, I have been back three times for cupcakes.  The first time, I dragged Robin, my visiting family brother, along to try them out with me one day after class.

Blackberry Cupcake
Note the cute sparkles and sprinkles on top!

Then it’s totally possible that the very next day I dragged Kali along with me.  We each bought a cupcake and shared them.  Sorry for being a bad influence… I know I’m a cupcakholic.  The first step to recovery is admitting the problem.

Our cupcakes at Serenity’s!

Autumn in New York
Pear and Plum cupcake

Rocky Mountain
Where Kali is from!

And then 4 days later I convinced Avery to go with me.  Told you, I am a horrible friend.  Unless getting my friends hooked on cupcakes is a good  thing!

Pumpkin Paradise! Cream cheese frosting!
My absolute favorite so far. It was moist and so tasty.
Perfect for welcoming fall.

On a side note, I am writing this post from Istanbul!  I will be writing many a posts in the next few days/week about my adventures here.  To tide you over, here is the view from where I ate dinner tonight of the Blue Mosque.

No I did not use zoom.  Yes Istanbul is now the most beautiful city I have ever visited.  Yes I have only been here for a day.

Fairytale Island

1 Oct

To wrap up my series on my trip to Funen, I’m actually going to share a bit about Funen and what I saw.  Funen is an island in between mainland (Jutland) Denmark and Zealand, the island where Copenhagen is located.  The island is super adorable, with small fishing villages and colorful cottages with thatched roofs.  Embarrassing as it is to say, I thought this was what I would find in Copenhagen.  So naturally, I was delighted to get to see Funen during my time in Denmark.

Fishing Village

We stayed in Odense overnight after the castles and before hitting up the H.C. Andersen museum and a 19th century Danish village.  Odense is the third largest city in Denmark (167,615! so tiny for being the third biggest in Denmark!).  It is full of culture, as past kings have spent much of their time there.  It was also the birthplace of author Hans Christian Andersen (you know, the Little Mermaid, the Ugly Duckling, the Princess and the Pea…).

And yes, most every street looks like this! So adorable!

Told you! More cute streets

Hanging out with HC

Andy Warhol of an HC cutout of Thumbelina

Just hanging out with a Viking king, NBD

The Funen Village, a 19th century Danish replica village

Loving all the windmills in Scandinavia!

Castle Number 3: Egeskov Slot

30 Sep

Still on Funen, I visited my third castle of my travels this fall.  We visited Egeskov Slot, a 14th century castle.  The name means “oak forest” because supposedly it took a whole forest of oak trees to build the foundation.  It is located in the middle of a small lake and the only way to access it back in the old days was by drawbridge.  The castle is the best preserved Renaissance water castle in Europe.  The gardens surrounding it are absolutely gorgeous!

The Danes seem to really love to hunt

This was one of a TON of rooms of a dollhouse that was built for a daughter of someone living here at one point.  The entire house was intricate, and actually, was built for fairies, not dolls.  I wish I were a fairy and lived there.

These little guys just sauntered around the corner to surprise me!

Castle Number 2: Valdemars Slot

29 Sep

So I swear I have not disappeared in Copenhagen.  I had to be reminded why I came here: to study.  I had my first exam and first long paper due today, so I have been a bit busy.

But 2 weekends ago, I went on a weekend trip with DIS to the island of Funen to explore the life of Hans Christian Andersen.  This trip included visits to two castles, mainly the reason why I wanted to go on the trip.  The first of the two castles we visited was Valdemars Slot, located in Svendborg.

The castle was originally built by Christian IV for his son Valdemar, but was given to an admiral of the Danish navy after a victory and has been kept in the family ever since.  The woman who currently live there now utilizes it as her winter home, but has it open during the summer months for visitors.  I love that someone actually lives there because it is furnished and not empty, as many castles are!

Gorgeous current owner of the home, Caroline Nielsdatter
Interesting side note- her father’s name was Niels, thus her surname Nielsdatter

Valdemars Slot
Not the most impressive exterior, but the interior is gorgeous and the grounds are pretty

Castle grounds

Gorgeous land

As I mentioned before, the interior of the castle is actually decorated.  It is filled with historical antiques and objects from the time of the admiral and quite a gorgeous sight to see!  One of my favorite parts of the castle is one of the guest rooms that has a balcony overlooking the chapel.

Apparently you can rent it out, as well as the rest of the estate, for weddings!

Hand-blown glass chandelier

Awesome beds!
When Caroline has guests, they actually get to stay in the decorated rooms.
The beds are so short because in the time of the admiral, everyone spent so much time doing their hair that they slept sitting up so they wouldn’t ruin it.

Interesting story: the castle had this painting in its possession.  Later on, one of the subsequent owners of the castle was in a market in France where he saw this painting below.  It is a painting of the artist painting the painting above!

One of my goals in life: to have an amazing library full of old books!