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Castle Number 3: Egeskov Slot

30 Sep

Still on Funen, I visited my third castle of my travels this fall.  We visited Egeskov Slot, a 14th century castle.  The name means “oak forest” because supposedly it took a whole forest of oak trees to build the foundation.  It is located in the middle of a small lake and the only way to access it back in the old days was by drawbridge.  The castle is the best preserved Renaissance water castle in Europe.  The gardens surrounding it are absolutely gorgeous!

The Danes seem to really love to hunt

This was one of a TON of rooms of a dollhouse that was built for a daughter of someone living here at one point.  The entire house was intricate, and actually, was built for fairies, not dolls.  I wish I were a fairy and lived there.

These little guys just sauntered around the corner to surprise me!