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My Autumn Lust List

20 Oct

Being in Copenhagen can make me a little sad and nostalgic for autumn at home at times.  Yes, the weather is already chilly here.  Yes, everyone gets all cozy with blankets and candles.  But where is the cider?  Not the alcoholic cider, but the good old-fashioned childhood apple cider.  Where is the pumpkin bread?  Or pumpkin anything for that matter.  And the leaves… some seem to be changing color, but the color palette is nothing compared to the colors in the North.  And to curl up with a blanket next to the fireplace with a really good book?  Yeah, I miss that.

But I guess one way to overcome that is to window shop for fall clothes, because everyone knows that nothing is affordable in Copenhagen for an American.  And did you know that window shopping, or online browsing, releases feel-good endorphins?  Or at least I heard that somewhere.

Anyhow, J. Crew is having a great deal! 25% off orders over $150 with free shipping.  So I picked out a few items I am craving to ease my autumn longings.  Too bad I do not have a monthly pay check to breeze through while I am here.

Merino boyfriend sweatshirt, heather fern

Minimalist mock neck sweater, henna

Suzette blouse, ripe melon

Perfect shirt, tartan

Minnie pant, wool herringbone

City mini, heather fern

Quilted sweatshirt, heather flannel

Suede MacAlister boots, stone

Pearl stud earrings

Printed iPhone case, royal purple

What is on your autumn lust list?